Knowledge base FAQ

The budget determines many elements related to production. When we know what budget we have for a given order, we can better plan individual activities. Such information allows us, for example, to estimate how many specialists and subcontractors (make-up artists, hairdressers or operators of specialized shooting equipment) will be involved in the project, what equipment we will use and what standard to work in.

This knowledge is especially important for us when it comes to animations. The price of such productions may vary dramatically depending on the 2D or 3D effects. The duration of the animation, the possibility of using ready-made solutions in production or relying 100% on our original animations are also important.

During production, we always do our best – we use our potential and resources to the maximum. We make every effort to ensure that the projects look professional and are satisfactory for the client. And when we know the budget, we can choose the best tools for the order.

The preparatory work for a movie or photo shoot can be very time consuming. We must plan the work on the set in detail. However, before we start shooting, in addition to the script and the selection of actors, we agree with you the fields of exploitation of the film or photos, details of the voiceover, set design, copyright and broadcasting on TV.

Filling out this form will take you a few minutes, and this form of first contact will allow us to obtain the most important information about your expectations. Based on your answers, we will be able to prepare a comprehensive offer for you.

There are some important issues that we need to plan before starting work. Questions about all key issues can be found in our offer configurator – feel free to use it. We ask there about the planned duration of the film or the number of photos, budget, the need to hire subcontractors, inspiration, target groups, use of a drone. During photo sessions, we need to know your expectations towards retouching, models, stylists, scenography, duration. We will also need information about taking macro and lookbook photos, styling, ironing and your presence during the session.

The shooting plan is a place where prior arrangements are made and the work on post-production begins. Photos should be selected and then retouched. Each photo is exported to the appropriate format and described.

Also in the post-production of the film, we start with the selection of the material. We select music, order voice-over recordings and perform offline editing. We consult the preliminary version of the material prepared in this way. Then we prepare the online assembly. The film is coloriezed, then we do advanced color grading and sound. Many movies contain animations that we also need to produce and then combine with the movie. The finished realization is rendered to the appropriate emission files. We include all of this in the final cost estimate.

We are professionals, passionate and have experience in the industry. We work on equipment that provides excellent image and sound quality. We use high-class cameras and cinema cameras. Post-production of the material is carried out with the use of the latest software – the one used by the largest agencies, editorial offices, fashion houses and filmmakers in Hollywood.

You can, but you don’t have to. We can carry out the entire campaign – from the creative assumptions to the final product – for you ourselves.